COVID UPDATE: All new clients are required to meet for a 2 hours minimum. 

TRAVEL UPDATE: I am available for international travel but due to requirements advanced planning is necessary and deposits are required to cover covid testing. Cancellations due to covid will not be refunded but credited for future visits.

Anyone visiting from outside of Canada must have completed 2 weeks quarantine or gotten a negative COVID test within 48 hours prior to the meeting. 

2 hour first time meeting: 800 *** This is mandatory for first time clients.***

(For repeat visitors) hourly: 400

4 hours indoors dinner date: 1500

8 hours spend the day isolating: 2500

Sleepover: 3000

24 hours indulgence, breakfast/lunch/dinner, and cuddles all night: 4000

any visits longer than 24 hours can be discussed.