• Advanced booking is greatly appreciated and highly recommended.
  • The donation for our arrangement should be in an envelope and left in clear view for me to see upon my arrival. Never make me ask for it.
  • To fully enjoy a meeting, you must be freshly showered, well-groomed, smell nice, and have minty-fresh breath. Please be respectful and always be a gentleman. Your kindness, generosity, and chivalry will be appreciated and rewarded.
  • The donations are for my time and companionship only and they are not negotiable.
  • ZERO DRUG TOLERANCE.  If I arrive at and I suspect you have been using recreational drugs, I will immediately terminate our time together or you will be asked to leave. (Non-recreational marijuana exempt)
  • My safety is my number one priority, No means No. I will not put your or my health at risk, and if you cannot respect that our appointment will be terminated. ABSOLUTELY NO BBFS. Requests will be blacklisted.
  • I do not enjoy Greek or any play in that area. Thank you for respecting my boundaries
  • YMMV (your mileage may vary) every experience is different. GFE is the term used to describe "Girlfriend Experience" and to many this means different things. For this reason I do not offer a set "menu" as every visit will be unique in it's natural flow of passion.
  • I am not [submissive] and I have ZERO AGGRESSION TOLERANCE. If you belittle or physically assault me I will terminate our appointment. I DO NOT OFFER BDSM thank you for understanding this before booking.  
  • Termination of the appointment due to negligence or disrespect means no refund or rebooking, and you will be permanently blacklisted.